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Melinda Hartwig, PhD

I am an Egyptologist, professor, presenter, and award-winning author. I am passionate about Egypt and have dedicated my career to sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with many people around the world.​ I have spoken on many topics related to ancient Egypt, from its architecture and history to its art and religion, and have been invited to present in various venues around the world. I am also a tour lecturer, guiding groups on journeys to the ancient sites of Egypt.​


Dr. Melinda Hartwig is an award-winning author and editor of The Tomb Chapel of Menna (AUC Press) now in its second printing, and A Companion to Ancient Egyptian Art (Wiley-Blackwell), which received a 2016 PROSE Award for Single Volume Reference in the Humanities & Social Sciences. Her most recent project, The Real Ancient Egypt now streaming now on Wondrium, received the 2023 Telly Bronze Award under "History - Non-Broadcast." For The Great Courses, she did a 24-episode series and coursebook entitled The Great Tours: A Guided Tour of Ancient Egyptwhich builds on her 40+ years of leading tours and documentation projects in Egypt.


Melinda is the Curator of Ancient Egyptian, Nubian, and Near Eastern Art at the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University. She is past President of the American Research Center in Egypt Board of Governors. She has taught art history at Emory University and  Georgia State University, at the rank of professor.  When not traveling in Egypt, you can find her writing with her two rescue dogs, Bo and Snooper, sleeping next to her office chair.

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New catalog, free in HTML and PDF for download, about my exhibition currently on view at the Michael C. Carlos Museum


Video Lecture Series

The wonders of ancient Egypt have intrigued and dazzled humanity for thousands of years. In 24 lavishly illustrated lessons of The Great Tours: A Guided Tour of Ancient Egypt, Dr. Melinda Hartwig takes you on a richly detailed tour of Egypt’s greatest historical and artistic treasures -  an exploration of Egyptian culture, art, and history on the ground, going far beyond guidebooks, conventional tours, and any ordinary series of lectures on Egypt.  


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Melinda Hartwig, PhD


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